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Made Beautiful Promise


The best quality always

Made Beautiful handbags are made of quality material and we want you to be happy. The warranty applies to products used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended and doesn’t apply to damage caused by normal wear and tear, or neglect. Be sure to keep your receipt as proof of purchase from our online store and please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions just email and say hi to hello@madebeautiful.com.au Read more

Exchange or Refund

WIt’s all about you so we’ll exchange or refund any goods so long as it's returned to us within 14 business days of ordering. Please see the refunds and exchanges page for full details.

We’re listening to you

Through all facets of our brand we look to our customers and who they are. The running theme we’re finding in our customers is that they’re after something unique and creative, because they themselves are creative people. We find inspiration from everything around us from seasonal colour palettes to upcoming fashion trends. Ultimately we hope to inspire the adventurous hearts of everyone who comes across Made Beautiful. Read more


Our Design Philosophy


With an emphasis on style & quality Made Beautiful offers a fresh perspective on classic shapes and styles that are both useful and beautiful. Read more

Made Beautiful Bags


Our stylish range and casual designs are perfect for all types of women wanting to fit their life in their bag. Read more

Digital Printing on handbags


Every measure is made to ensure our products and materials are carefully selected and assembled with skill and finished to a very high standard. Read more

Who Made Beautiful is for


Made Beautiful is interested in what women want. We find beauty in every day and hope our collection is just that. Read more